Fall in love with Malmö: things to do and see

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Malmö is not always the first city people think about when they hear or plan to visit Scandinavia. Like me, most people decide to go to Malmö towards the end of their Copenhagen trip. Sweden is connected to Denmark by the Øresund Bridge, running between Malmö and Copenhagen. I didn’t know what to expect since I did little research about the city. I was surprised to see that the third largest city in Sweden and the 5th biggest city in Scandinavia has actually much more to offer than just a few hours. Let’s see what to do in Malmö for a day trip!

I found Malmö to be a very pretty city with lots of things to do and see. So here’s why I fell in love with the city and why I believe you will too.

What is there to do in Malmo for a day?

Enjoy a break at the Stortorget and Lilla Torg

Stortorget is the oldest and largest public square in Malmö, while Lilla Torg is more like its cute little sister. You can’t miss Stortorget as it’s located by the Town Hall with the equestrian statue of King Karl Gustav X right in the middle. Both squares are located in the Old Town filled with lots of outdoor terraces, cafés, restaurants and interesting architecture. The two are a very popular place to dine, socialise and people-watch. However, for a more charming feel, head over to Lilla Torg and stroll on the cobblestone while admiring the historic buildings. I quite enjoyed the atmosphere there.

See interesting urban arts

Malmö has been transformed from an industrial city into a modern city where art has its importance. As I wandered around the city, I came across lots of public art including the Optimistorkerstern (Optimistic Orchestra) in Stortorget. Public art is very much appreciated in Sweden and particularly in Malmö as it reflects the history of the city.

Optimistic Orchestra - Things to do in Malmö day trip

Check out the Design museum

Design Museum - Things to do in Malmö day trip

Stop by the design museum for a lesson in Swedish fashion. The museum is located in an old building on Lill Torg. Entry is free, so mo excuse.

Admire the Turning Torso

Turning Torso - Things to do in Malmö day trip

Turning Torso is the highest building in Sweden designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It’s about 20 minutes walk from the main train station however you can also take bus number 2. Sadly it is not possible to visit inside since it is a residential building. If you have to do one thing in Malmö it would be to see this original and very futuristic building. To avoid the disappointment that I experienced when I visited, I would recommend going there in the afternoon as in the morning the weather is very cloudy making it difficult to see the top. I was there at the end of March).

Indulge in shopping

Malmö is a lot cheaper than Copenhagen so why not do some shopping while there? The city has a fantastic selection of shops ranging from trendy clothing boutiques to Swedish home design accessories and souvenir shops. There are several shopping centres like Triangeln (S. Förstadsgatan 41) and Caroli (Östergatan 12).

Caroli looks nothing like a shopping centre from the outside, however, after seeing some locals coming out with nice, mouth-watering salads, we decided to have a look. host design exhibitions as well.

Malmo Castle and the Malmo Museum are a worthwhile stop for a few hours to wander the castle and learn the cultural and natural history of the area. Address: Malmöhusvägen 6 and it’s open daily from 10:00 – 5:00.

There are two art museums that are both fantastic, but you might have to choose which one you go to if your time is limited like ours was.  If you like modern art,  Moderna Museet Malmo is pretty shiny and new. You can’t miss it with its bright orange façade.  Address: Ola Billgrens plats 2–4. Open Tuesdays through Sundays from 11:00-6:00. Cost: Free.

The other art museum, reputed to be the largest in Europe, is the Malmo Konsthall. Address: S. Johannesgatan 7, and it’s open daily from 11:00-5:00, except on Wednesdays when it stays open late (until 9:00).  Cost: Free

Where to eat


Malmö has lots to offer in term of places to eat so after a long day, we decided to look for a nice restaurant with a terrace in Lilla Torg. After deliberating on the restaurant to choose, we settled on Victors (Lilla Torg 1). The service was good and the food was equally great although a little expensive. The salmon was very big in size compared to what you get in London.

Have Fika at Konditori Hollandia

I think it will be a shame to go to Sweden and not experience fika “to have coffee”. The coffee (or tea) is generally accompanied by pastries, cookies or pie. So for a little bit of sweetness, head over to Konditori Hollandia (Södra Förstadsgatan 8)

Cakes selection - Things to do in Malmö day trip
Sweet selection - Things to do in Malmö day trip
Fika in Malmo - Things to do in Malmö day trip

On our last day in Malmo, we had our take away lunch salads from Wallin Conditori. The salads were made in front of our eyes with lots of fresh ingredients. Price for 2 salads and drinks was SEK 158 for two (£14.45).

Here are some more options of places where you can enjoy Swedish fika in Malmö.

Where to Fika in Malmo? The best places to enjoy Swedish fika in Malmö

Where to stay

Radisson Blu Malmö

Staying at Radisson Blu Malmö hotel was great and luxurious with a comfortable bedroom and an amazing breakfast. The hotel was situated in the centre of the city, less than 10 minutes’ walk from Malmö Centrastation making it extremely simple to explore the surrounding areas. Part of the hotel includes one of the oldest timber-framed buildings in Malmö. Check here for more hotel options in Malmo.

Getting around

Malmo's green bus  Things to do in Malmö day trip

Malmö is a short 30-minute train journey from Copenhagen Airport, crossing Øresund Bridge (made famous by the TV series The Bridge) every 20 minutes. Transport, in general, is great in Malmö but since the city is walkable, it is not necessary to hop on the bus. But if you decide to take the green bus, please note that they are very slow but they all have Wifi on board. The day pass for two people is SEK50.00 (£4.59). You can download a travel app called Stadsbiljetten and pay directly via credit card. Another option would be to rent a bike.

What do you think about Malmö? Please share in the comment below.

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Article published in May 2017 and update in February 2019.

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  1. MAlmo is indeed very interesting, I was there few years ago I loved wandering in the center, and yes my absolutely favourite part was the urban art! So much fun with those sculptures! Thanks for bringing some memories back 🙂

  2. I think I would go just for all of those delicious pastries alone! I’ve been to Sweden a few times, but never to Malmo so will have to include it on an upcoming trip!

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