24 Hours in Antwerp – Things to Do and See

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Antwerp is one of the most underrated weekend destinations in Europe. Lonely Planet confirms this statement by saying “Antwerp is one of Europe’s best-kept secret.” Intrigued to see what made the city so unique, I decided to go and see it for myself. As I was planning my trip to Antwerp, I chose to travel in more Belgium cities so settled for Brussels and Ghent, having heard how pretty it was.  

After two days wandering around the town and exploring the historic centre, I share with you my vision of the city. Follow the guide and explore the things to do in Antwerp in 24 hours!

24 Hours in Antwerp: Things to see

Arrive at Antwerp station and admire the magnificent train station

Antwerp Centraal station - 24 Hours in Antwerp

Antwerp Centraal platform - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
Antwerp Centraal ticket hall -  things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp

Antwerpen-Centraal (Antwerp Central) station is an excellent piece of architecture. As soon as you exit the train and follow the escalator to the top level, you are greeted by a grand hall. The train station that was once called “railroad cathedral” is impressive with its eclectic style and massive size. The station has two different design. The stone building was built by Louis Delacenserie and the steel platform viaduct by Jan Van Asperen. It has four levels and 14 tracks. Actuality, the station was voted “most beautiful station in the world” by Mashable! Whenever you travel to Antwerp by train or car, a stop by the station is recommended.  Interestingly you see lots of groups of art students testing their skills at drawing the platform and hall of the station.

Marvel in front of….Antwerp’s medieval Grote Markt

Grote Markt medieval houses - 24 Hours in Antwerp

Grote Markt - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
Brabo Fountain -  things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp

Like every Flemish city, the heart of the town is within its square. Head over to the beautiful Grote Markt. The triangular square features the Renaissance-style Stadhuis (city hall), an imposing baroque Brabo Fountain and beautiful houses medieval of the Guilds.  Brabo is the hero of a legend who fought a giant demanding payment for ships to enter the city via the river Scheldt. The statue portrays Brabo throwing the monster’s hand in the river.

Admire the grandiose Cathedral of Our Lady of Antwerp

Cathedral of Our Lady - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
View of Our Lady's tower -things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp

Wherever you are in Antwerp, there is one shape that you can’t miss. You notice it right away when looking up. The Cathedral of Our Lady dominates the skyline because the law forbids anyone to built a building higher than the cathedral’s tower. The Cathedral of Our Lady is impressive by its size but also with its Gothic architecture. Have a look inside the cathedral but skip the expensive visit to the tower, you can have a similar and cost-free view at MAS.

Groenplaats 21

24 Hours in Antwerp: Things to do

Lunch at Hoogstraat

Falafel Tof's meal deal - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
Falafel Tof -things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
Falafel Tof's decor - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp

While going to Grote Markt, I came across a little cafe. I decided to try it out, and although only a couple were having their lunch when I entered, it quickly became busy with a queue forming outside the shop. Falafel Tof is a fast food shop ideal for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free eaters. The Tof falafel sandwich meal deal is an excellent choice however you can also get the Tof salad box or the Tof salad box light. The meal deal comes with fries and a drink. Once your order is ready, you get to help yourself with vegetables at the salad bar. With friendly service and lovely decor, Falafel Tof is the ideal place for a quick and delicious lunch! On a beautiful warm day, you can seat outside the cafe’s terrace and practice the art of people watching.

Hoogstraat 32, Antwerp

Window shopping

Meir shopping street - 24 Hours in Antwerp

Meir is the most important shopping street in Antwerp and shoppers from all around Belgium come to grab the perfect piece of clothing in many high street chains. If you are after expensive items, head to the Nationalestraat, just a stone’s throw away from the Meir. There you have designer boutiques, concept stores and fashion museums. Both ModeMuseum (MOMU) and Flanders Fashion Institute (FFI) are located in the area. For vintage shopping head over to Kloosterstraat instead.

MoMu – Nationalestraat 28

FFI – Nationalestraat 28/2

Sniff chocolate at the Chocolate Line

The Chocolate Line - 24 Hours in Antwerp

Message on wall at Chocolate Line - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp

On one of the streets of Meir is located the store of the most rock’n’roll and creative of the Belgian chocolatiers – Dominique Persoone. Belgium is known for its chocolate but what makes The Chocolate Line different is a little gadget called “chocolate shooter”. With this device created to enhance the chocolate taste perception, you can sniff cocoa powder! This innovative shop offers flavours like matcha green tea, curry or coconut. The unique aromas and tastes of the chocolate make this store a hit with the tourists.

Paleis op de Meir 50

Stroll along the bank of the River Scheldt to Het Steen

Het Steen - 24 Hours in Antwerp
River banks - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp

Learn more about Antwerp with a visit to Het Steen. You can get there by taking a little stroll through Steenplein. This small promenade is located on the roof of an old hangar and is nice enough for you to sit and relax with your travel companion. Towards the end of the promenade is Het Steen, a medieval fortress the oldest building in Antwerp – it was built between 1200 and 1255. The fort served to control access to the Scheldt. It has been a prison, an archaeology museum, shipping museum and finally a maritime museum.

Steenplein 1

Visit the iconic MAS and enjoy spectacular views of the city

MAS - 24 Hours in Antwerp

MAS sculpture - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
Het Steen -things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
Skyline - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
Art students at MAS - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
MAS escalator - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp

Situated on the edge of the Scheldt river in Het Eilandje (little island), the Museum aan de Stroom (museum on the river) looks like an overlayed set of brick boxes and glass. The museum features the story of the city as well as the port, second biggest in Europe.  I have to say that MAS is the place I spend the most time. I had fun discovering each floor with its own collection, each telling a different story. However, for me, the best part was the rooftop which gives a spectacular panoramic view over the city.

Hanzestedenplaats 1

MAS collection - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp

Explore the second biggest port in Europe

The port of Antwerp has played an essential role in the historical and economic development of the city. With 14,000 ha it is the second biggest in Europe after Rotterdam (Netherlands). Take a walk to explore its docks and harbour buildings.

Port of Antwerp - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
Antwerp port - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
Sculpture on wall - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp
Bikes, bikes - things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp

Antwerp is a great city to explore either on foot or by bike. If you are a fan of architecture, culture, fashion and food, then book your trip right now! Antwerp is lovely even on a cold and rainy day!

Medieval houses - 24 Hours in Antwerp
Old and new buildings - 24 Hours in Antwerp
Vintage bike - 24 Hours in Antwerp
Narrow street - 24 Hours in Antwerp
Cute restaurant - 24 Hours in Antwerp
Old town - 24 Hours in Antwerp
Street art - 24 Hours in Antwerp
Antwerp's China Town - 24 Hours in Antwerp

Practical information

Before leaving

To help plan your trip, visit these two websites: VisitAntwerpen, for useful info to make your trip an enjoyable one. Visit Flanders for all the information you need on Flanders.

For some reading, Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel 2018” is a must.

How to get there

The train is the easiest way to get to Antwerp – from London it takes about two hours 55 minutes, changing in Brussels, and costs from £59, book through Eurostar. Alternatively, you can fly to Antwerp from London City. If you are in Paris, it takes only two hours with Thalys or just half an hour from Brussels. Antwerp station is about 15 minutes from the city centre.

Where to stay

Park Inn by Radisson Antwerp – My hotel was located just 3 minutes from the station which I was grateful for because I arrived in rainy Antwerp! Contemporary design is everywhere in Belgium and especially in Antwerp. This was no different, Park Inn is modern and well decorated with a minimalist look. All the rooms have the amenities you would expect including a Nespresso machine, Wi-Fi. Everything was clean, and the bed was very comfortable. (doubles from £69)

Coffee break

Coffeelabs – Trendy coffee shop located in a calm street close to Meir. Lange Klarenstraat 19, 2000 Antwerp

Kaffeenini – Spin-off of Barnini, this restaurant offers nice coffee, tasty bagels and excellent wifi. Nationalestraat 114a.

Lunch / dinner

Fiskebar – Ideal restaurant for seafood and fish lovers plus the restaurant offers a great atmosphere. Marnixplaats 11.

LOA – Small cafe offering street food style food, quick and tasty. Hoogstraat 77.

Moona’s secrets:

– Generally, in Flanders, if you don’t speak Flemish, speak English. I tried talking in French a few times and realised that it wasn’t the best idea. No one spoke French, and even if they did, they prefer not to express it.

– To avoid the language dilemma, speak English as soon as you enter a shop, cafe by saying “Hello.”

Have you been to Antwerp? What is your favourite thing to do? Let me know in the comments section.

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things to do , 24 hours in Antwerp

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  1. I will for sure keep this in mind on my next trip to Belgium. The last time I was in Belgium (was a long time ago), we took the train to Belgium and walked around for maybe an hour. Can’t remember exactly what I saw but I am sure we walked around a main street somewhere. Next time I will have to keep these places in mind. Great post!

    1. Thanks Eric! That’s why mobile phones are so handy now because it tells you the location of each photos! Hope you can go back soon to Belgium 😉

  2. I agree – Antwerp is an amazing city! I was there for a day, too, and just loved it. So easy to walk around and some gorgeous architecture. One of my favorite museums in the world is in Antwerp – Plantin-Moretus Museum – some of the world’s oldest printing presses are housed there. I would love to go back one day.

    1. Thanks April, I’m glad you enjoyed Antwerp! I have not been to the Plantin-Moretus Museum but would love to go next time I’m in Antwerp.

  3. The architecture looks really unusual! Love the street art—and China Town is always a favourite place for me, no matter where in the world I am. Great post!

  4. I love Antwerp, and it’s great to see it appreciated through someone else’s eyes. I’ve arrived there via the port before, and it’s a stunning trip along the river. Thanks for the gluten free lunch recommendation too – I’d not found that place yet, so it’s on my list for next time.

  5. Nice article and definitely agree – Antwerp is a great town! (full disclosure – I live here…). For beer lovers, go to Bier Central near the train station and Kulminator with THE largest selection of beer anywhere!

  6. It looks like you arrived on a super grey day, but Antwerp looks amazing, even with that dreary weather! I mean Grote Market is simply stunning! <3 <3 <3

    I imagine going in the summer would be perfect.

    1. It was the worst indeed: gray and cold but sunny the following morning just as I was leaving! But I loved it nonetheless and plan to go back in spring.

  7. I have not done much traveling in Europe or never heard much about Antwerp. This a great guide and you have got me interested due to the structure of the buildings and chocolate 🍫

    1. Thanks Tiffany. Antwerp is a beauty, especially on a clear sunny day. Try to include it in one of your European tours if you can. You won’t regret it!

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