LV DREAM: Into the World of Travel Trunks

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LV Dream is a new cultural space in Paris featuring a free exhibition, a chic café, a chocolate shop and an impressive gift shop.

LV Dream Exhibition Louis Vuitton Paris

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Paris has a lot to offer regardless of how many times you visit. You will always find new attractions and activities to enjoy. However, the city can be expensive, especially if you have a packed itinerary full of fun activities. But don’t worry—the City of Light has plenty of free and fun things to do, such as the pop-up exhibition LV DREAM by Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton is a well-known French brand founded more than 160 years ago, in 1854. The brand is known worldwide for its legendary trunk. In December 2022, Louis Vuitton opened a free exhibition in a historic building facing the Seine.

Louis Vuitton trunk

LV Dream – What to Expect

LV Dream is an exhibition that should not be missed by fashion history enthusiasts and luxury aficionados. It takes visitors on a visual journey through Louis Vuitton’s heritage, spanning over 160 years. The exhibition focuses on the brand’s numerous artistic collaborations with designers and artists. The exhibition comprises nine rooms, each with its own theme, where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of Louis Vuitton’s luggage and leather goods. Visitors can experience the brand’s design evolution and savoir-faire by moving from one room to another.

The following are the names of the nine rooms:

  • 1. Mr. Louis by Cao Fei
  • 2. Louis Vuitton: As Seen By…
  • 3. Origins
  • 4. Art on Silk
  • 5. The World of Louis Vuitton According to Rei
  • 6. Reinterpreting Icons
  • 7. Leather Goods in Fashion
  • 8. Bags as Blank Canvas
  • 9. Art Meets Fashion

Inside the World of Young Louis Vuitton

Visitors to the Louis Vuitton exhibition may be primarily interested in the brand’s creations, but how much do they know about the life of Louis Vuitton himself? Many people, including myself, are not very familiar with his history. Therefore, the first two rooms of the exhibition serve as an introduction to Louis Vuitton. He was born in 1821, and as a young man (16-year-old), he arrived in Paris to start an apprenticeship. He opened his first shop in 1854 on Rue Neuve-des-Capucines.

Origins at LV Dream by  Louis Vuitton Paris

In the “Mr. Louis by Cao Fei” section of the exhibition, visitors are greeted by a never-before-seen digital portrait of a young Louis Vuitton, created by Chinese artist Cao Fei. The second room, titled “Louis Vuitton: As Seen By…”, is filled with portraits by artists such as Yan Pei Ming and Alex Katz. This section takes visitors back to the very beginning of the brand, showcasing rarely seen archive pieces and sketches from when Louis Vuitton founded his brand in Paris. Visitors can see a Stokowski secretary desk and a medical cabinet.

Origins, Art on Silk and The Reinterpreting Icon

Origins at LV Dream by  Louis Vuitton Paris

In the “Origins” room, iconic designs and collaborations are presented in a psychedelic backdrop. The decorated perfume bottles, folding chair, and bed trunk were particularly impressive and creative.

One of my favourite rooms was the “Art on Silk” room. It displayed various silk scarves (or carré de soie in French) of different designs and sizes, all filled with vibrant Louis Vuitton graphics.

The “Reinterpreting Icons” room highlights designers and artists who transformed the Monogram back in 1996 for the 100th year anniversary and again in 2014. Some of the innovative bags on display include the “Punching Bag” by Karl Lagerfeld.

Display of Louis Vuitton bags
Reinterpreting Icons

From the World of Louis Vuitton to Fashion

Walking to the “World of Vuitton according to Rei” room gives visitors the impression of walking inside a large bag. The toom is dedicated to Reu Kawakubo, the Creative Director of the Japanese brand Comme des Garçons, who created the Party Bags and Bags With Holes.

Louis Vuitton bag on display
The World of Vuitton According to Rei

The “Leather Goods in Fashion” room is dedicated to partnerships with artists such as Japanese artists Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama, who combined Louis Vuitton’s heritage with innovative pop art.

The next room’s theme, “Bags as Blank Canvas“, presents the Monogram and Artycapucines bags that are personalised by 18 artists, each putting their own unique touch on them. This room, along with “Art on Silk”, truly showcases Louis Vuitton’s deep investment in the world of art. If you have the time, I would highly recommend adding a visit to the Louis Vuitton Foundation to your Paris itinerary.

Display of Louis Vuitton backs with colourful backgrounds
Bags as Blank Canvas

In the exhibition’s last room, titled “Art Meets Fashion,” you are introduced to Louis Vuitton as a fashion brand. The room showcases a selection of runway looks and photos of celebrities wearing them. In addition to the runway looks, there is an interactive digital wall that responds to movement.

LV Dream is Totally Free

As previously mentioned, Paris can be quite costly to visit. There are numerous activities to experience, but they can take a toll on your budget. However, the LV Dream exhibition doesn’t require you to pay an additional fee to enter. You can dive into the experience without spending a single euro as long as you reserve your booking slot before arriving at the venue.

Browse the Gift Shop

Display of colourful city guides at LV Dream
Display of colourful city guides at LV Dream
Display of colourful city guides at LV Dream

We discovered nine rooms and then climbed to the first floor, where we found an immense gift shop. The Louis Vuitton gift shop was the most beautiful one I have ever seen. The luxury boutique was on another level. In addition to the classic souvenir items like card holders and luggage tags, you can also find items exclusively developed for LV Dream, such as leather goods, accessories, books, fragrances, jewellery, eyewear, and more. The travel publications were what I loved the most and was tempted to buy. I didn’t even know that Louis Vuitton was producing city guides before! The colourful city guides are visually beautiful.

Visit the LV Dream Café & Chocolate Shop

After exploring the exhibition and browsing the boutique, a visit to “Maxime Frédéric at Louis Vuitton” café and chocolate shop is a must to treat yourself. During our visit, the café had an extremely long queue, so we decided to skip dining there. However, we did explore the chocolate shop, where Chef Maxime Frédéric from Cheval Blanc Paris has incorporated Louis Vuitton’s signature motifs into a selection of sweets and chocolates that are true works of art.

Cake on display at LV Dream

The café is set in a lush tropical garden with circular booths, which provide a view of the various creations while you wait for your order. You can also enjoy V-logo patisseries and chocolates, coffee, or a glass of champagne. The prices of the patisseries are higher than average, but that’s expected for a luxury brand.

Practical Information

LV Dream is situated at 26 Quai de la Mégisserie, directly opposite La Samaritaine and Cheval Blanc Paris Hotel. The nearest metro station is Pont Neuf on line 7. Tickets are free, but reservations should be made online. The venue is open every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.

LV Dream is an immersive exhibit combining art and fashion, making it a must-see attraction in Paris. Be sure to visit. 

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