40 Pictures to inspire you to visit Occitanie

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Ocre building with white blinds and balcony - Visit Occitanie

Fruits Market stand in Toulouse - Visit Occitanie

building in Toulouse with graffiti - Visit Occitanie

Street with pink coloured houses - Visit Occitanie

Street view of a patisserie - Visit Occitanie

Building covered in climbing plants - Visit Occitanie

Rows of colourful houses, Toulouse - Visit Occitanie

View of River Garonne and Pont Neuf, Toulouse - Visit Occitanie

Boat covered in graffiti in River Garonne, Toulouse - Visit Occitanie

Black bike with tan satchel - Visit Toulouse

Picturesque street in the Old Town of Toulouse - Visit Occitanie

Buildings in Toulouse - Visit Occitanie

Green street in the Old Town of Toulouse - Visit Occitanie

Water fountain in the park - Visit Occitanie

Banks of Canal du Midi - Visit Occitanie

Buildings with beautiful balconies - Visit Occitanie

Boat trip in Canal du Midi - Visit Occitanie

Japanese garden with red bridge in Toulouse - Visit Occitanie

Bleu toor in Toulouse - Visit Occitanie

Place du Capitole, Toulouse - Visit Occitanie

Street in Montpellier - Visit Occitanie

Statue of a man on a horse in Promenade du Peyrou - Visit Occitanie

Neoclassic water fountain - Visit Occitanie

Aqueduct in Montpellier - Visit Occitanie

Greek statue with a building in the background - Visit Occitanie

White building with several balconies - Visit Occitanie

Hôtel d'Assézat - Visit Occitanie

Green house covered in climbing plants, Toulouse - Visit Occitanie

Black bike outside a grey door with fence - Visit Occitanie

Woman walking with a little girl in charming street of Montpellier - Visit Occitanie

Bike on a wall - Visit Occitanie

Display of toys in Montpellier - Visit Occitanie

Books lying on floor outside bookstore - Visit Occitanie

Colourful boat in Beziers - Visit Occitanie

Bridge in Beziers - Visit Occitanie

Mural on building of the nine locks of Fonserannes - Visit Occitanie

View of Béziers Cathedral on top of hill - Visit Occitanie

9 locks of Fonserannes - Visit Occitanie

French flag in Beziers - Visit Occitanie

View of Beziers arena - Visit Occitanie

Occitanie only exists only since January 2016 when the regions Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées merged together. With 13 departments, it is the largest region of France so is full of diverse landscape and rich culture. You can see most of the French diverse geography without even leaving the region!  

Occitanie is a gorgeous location and I wished I had visited sooner. From the Mediterranean cities like Montpellier, Sete, to the former Roman cities as Nimes; you are bound to find something to your liking.

It’s great visiting any time of the year and most cities/towns are lucky enough to have sun all year around. The area enjoys stunning springs, sunny summers, gorgeous autumns and warmer winters.

From the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline to famous food (think cassoulet), wines, medieval castles and villages full of character, Occitanie is a place like no other.

I first arrived in Toulouse and since I was exploring the city for the first time, I took a guided tour with Toulouse Greeters. There is no better way to explore a new city than with your own personal guide! I would highly recommend checking out their website if you want to explore the city like a local. The highlights of my trip including the tour were wandering along the Canal du Midi and the Japanese Garden. I enjoyed how peaceful both places were and they were the perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon away from the sun.

My next step after Toulouse was the Meditteranean city of Montpellier where I enjoyed wandering through the old quarter of Ecusson and exploring Montpellier’s street art scene.

Last on my little tour of Occitanie was the old town of Béziers. As one of the most ancient towns in all of Europe, Béziers is the perfect destination for an off the beaten track place.

Occitanie is such an interesting region. There is always something more to see and explore like Albi, Nimes and Carcassonne.

I hope these pictures will inspire you to visit Occitanie. If you have already travelled to the region, I would love to hear from you. What was your favourite place?

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  1. Wow, your photographs are gorgeous. I can definitely picture these decorating a living room window. Inspired for sure!

  2. What an enchanting place! I had no idea that this region was the largest and relatively new! It looks lovely. I definitely need to visit since I have only been to Paris in France! Thanks for a great share.

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