Visit Béziers: How to Explore the City in a Day

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Last year, I visited Béziers on a day trip as part of a solo trip to Occitanie. I had always wanted to explore this ancient city. I have a liking for old architecture so Béziers was a place I desired to visit. With nearly 3,000 years of history, Béziers is rich culturally.

Cathedral St Nazaire

Béziers is situated in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the south of France. It’s a perfect weekend destination with direct flights departing from the UK and the rest of France. Each street in this old town (one of the most ancient) tells a story. Béziers charms with its multiple sides: a peaceful town with a medieval feel: perfect for travellers looking for hidden gems. It might be too short to enjoy this ancient city in just one day, however, it is enough to visit the highlights. Let’s get started with the best things to do and see in Béziers in one day.

Stroll the Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi which links Toulouse to the Méditerranée via Béziers is a remarkable work by Paul Riquet (a native of Béziers). Achieved in 1681, the river is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It can be explored on foot, by bike or boat. Having explored a bit of the canal in Toulouse, I understand why people are so in love with it and why each year thousands of people cruise the canal. It offers stunning scenery along the length of the banks. Lots of companies offer both hire boats or hotel barges so you can discover the region while peacefully navigating the waters. For a list of the cruise companies, check out Beziers Tourism.

Peaceful Canal du Midi

If you are feeling active, take a hire bike and follow the trails along the canal and peruse on your own pace. Relax Bike Tours & Rentals and Urban Bike City Tour both offer guided or self-guided tours.

Get a view of Beziers from Cathedral St Nazaire de Beziers

You can’t miss Cathedral St-Nazaire, it’s seen from nearly everywhere in Béziers. The cathedral offers one of the best views of the city. From its square, you can look at the stunning countryside. And from the terrace, you can admire the town and the bridges across the river.

The cathedral was constructed in a gothic style in the fourteenth century. It’s located in the old medieval town and overlooks the Orb River.

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Take a walk around town

Béziers dates back to the pre-Roman times and as such, has numerous religious buildings, historical monuments such as a Roman Arena. As the old town is small, it is possible to take it on foot. The city has lots of narrow streets which make it perfect for a wander around. Don’t hesitate to follow your instinct and explore streets that look interesting. You will be bound to find something extraordinary. Throughout the years, Beziers has maintained a rich cultural heritage due to the fact that it was able to welcome different cultures, from Roman influences to northern African. It’s interesting to see how the city managed to mix the old part with the new. Stroll along the meandering streets of the old town, however, for entertainment, head over to Allee Paul Riquet, a big pedestrian lined with restaurants, cafes and shops.

Admire the old bridge

As you walk down from the cathedral and the narrow street, you reach the old bridge “Vieux Pont”. This bridge built back in the twelfth century in a Romanesque structure is one of the landmarks of Béziers. Today, to preserve it, the authorities have made it bike and pedestrian only. The other side of the old bridge leads you to the newest part of the town. During the summer or hot days, you can see people enjoying canoeing, kayaking or paddle boarding from it.

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See the “9 Locks of Fonseranes”

The locks of Fonseranes are a series of 8 locks and 9 basins allowing boats to navigate at different hight. This technique was invented in the 17th century and still impresses people. It’s the third most visited sights in the region after Pont du Gard and Cité de Carcassonne.

9 Locks of Fonseranes

Rest at the Poets Plateau

Located towards the end of Paul Riquet alley and opposite the train station is a well-designed garden called Poets Plateau or “PLateau des Poètes”. This typical French garden is surrounded by trees, has a lake, fountains and lovely flowers. It’s a nice place to relax before heading back to the train station or simply to enjoy a picnic.

Other things to do in Béziers

Experience Wine Tours and Tastings

When people think of wine production in France, they usually think of Bordeaux. But Languedoc-Roussillon actually produces more wine than Bordeaux. So if you are a wine lover, it would be a shame to visit Béziers without taking a wine tour.

Visit the Musée des Beaux Arts

Bézier’s Musée des Beaux Arts was founded in 1989 and is housed in Hotel Fayet, an old hotel. It houses an impressive collection of paintings from the 19th century including Delacroix. You will also find sculptures from European artists.

Attend the Beziers Feria

Béziers is busiest in August when the town holds the Feria, a festival based on Spain’s corrida. The town then takes on a festive atmosphere for four days as the streets are lined with food carts, pop up souvenir shops and live music.

View of the arenas of Béziers

Practical information

When to visit Béziers?

Béziers is best visited during spring or autumn as there are fewer tourists and the weather milder. The city is relatively quiet before the mass start coming from June to August to coincide with the many festivals held in town. The busiest period is in August when the crowds descend for the famous Feria.

How to get to Béziers?

Getting to Béziers couldn’t be simpler with a good bus, train and motorway networks. The Béziers-Cap d’Agde airport is located only 15 minutes away from the city so easy to get to. The airport also offers shuttles and taxi services. Check out Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights to Béziers.

Getting around Béziers is pretty easy. You can either walk or hire a bike. Alternatively, you can rent a car and explore further from Béziers. The Mediterranean sea is less than 30 minutes away.

Where to eat in Béziers?

Béziers has many good places to eat. For lunch, try L’Opéra Bar. For something a bit lighter, you can opt for Cafe des Arts or Cafe Comedia in Allée Paul Riquet. Most cafes in that street serve Spanish-style tapas. If you are tight on a budget like I was, buy some cheese, baguette and salad and enjoy a picnic.

Where to stay in Béziers?

Although I only stayed in Béziers just for the day, the city would be an ideal destination for a long trip. If you are staying longer, you can stay in the city centre or in the surroundings. From Airbnb styled apartments to hotels through hotel barges, you will be able to find the best accommodation for your trip. See selection here.

The charming town of Béziers is well worth a visit. Whether you are a nature lover, an architecture buff or into discovering lesser-known towns, Béziers will appeal to all.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, good point. I did not actually since I was there only for the day. However, Béziers Tourism is offering 5 wine routes each designed to discover the vineyards and discover the region’s food and culture at the same time. All information can be found in the tourism website but I will amend the article.

  1. I’m from the US, so every time I see a castle I’m like OMG! I realize this isn’t as big a deal throughout Europe, but the architecture, history and culture in Beziers seems particularly gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Catherine. The architecture is very beautiful and hasn’t changed much, specially in the medieval part

  2. How beautiful is Cathedral St Nazaire 😍😍😍 love the view of it and from it! Did you meet a lot of other solo travellers there?

    1. Yes, the views were stunning! There were few solo travellers in town – B
      eziers is a safe small city making it easy to travel alone.

  3. Looks like the perfect setting for a romantic film – the waters, the town, the architecture and mood of the place! This is the first time I have heard of Beziers and it looks like love 💕

    1. Thanks Iva. Add in a bottle of wine from the region, some cheese and baguette and you have the perfect French romantic setting!

  4. I would totally love to explore the canal area by bike as enjoy being active. Seems like such a laid back town that has a certain charm ☺️

  5. Beziers looks like an amazing place and I would love to explore those locks. We love France, it offers so much to tourists wherever you find yourself!

    1. If you have the chance to go to Béziers, try exploring via the canal’s route. I hope to do that at some point and go all the way to Toulouse.

  6. Bezeirs looks beautiful! I’d love to have a long weekend there and walk around the ruins and old streets. I’m actually thinking about doing a long walking trail through France, so maybe I’ll be able to stop by!

  7. A gorgeous town, I could spend hours roaming the narrow streets – lots of photos would be taken too. Speaking of that – your photos are stunning. I’ve not spent a lot of time in France but it’s definitely on the list.

  8. This village would be right up my alley! I love architecture, and I love wine even more. I love the look of the buildings here.

  9. I’ve been meaning to visit Beziers for such a long time, but somehow our France itineraries have not taken us there yet. I’m drawn to the combination of attractions from the beautiful historical cathedral and old town of Beziers itself to the pretty natural landscapes to the peaceful canal du midi. I love canal boats and passing through locks so the 9 lock run would be great fun!

  10. This town looks so charming. I’ll be driving through the south of France next spring. I really hope I get to make a stop here on my trip.

  11. Hi there! Wanna come to Italy one day? We are an italian language school and offer different kind of courses. Take a look on our blog and don’t miss the chance for such an amazing time here in bella Firenze! 🙂

  12. It’s really nice to discover this city with you! Although. am French, I have never been there! So your guide will be useful the day I will pass by Béziers!

    1. Thank you! There are so many places I am also yet to explore. I hope you can discover Béziers soon.

  13. Lovely article about this little jewel! I am from France and I love Beziers and used to visit it often as my grandparents lived there. It is one of those authentic cities with its own character that not spoilt by tourism 🙂

  14. I’ve never heard of Béziers before and the more I kept reading and seeing your beautiful photos, the more I was convinced I need to go here! The cathedral in particular is gorgeous. I love making day trips to be able to see more of the country I’m in, so this is a perfect idea for my kind of traveling! Thanks for sharing this guide!

    1. Thanks for your nice comment! Hope you can visit Béziers one day. The view from the cathedral is stunning too.

  15. my parents actually went on a little trip here last year and loved it!! this has only convinced me more to go ❤️

  16. This looks like my kind of place to visit! I love the look of the medieval town, and I would definitely be checking out that cathedral first.

  17. I love exploring those lesser known small French towns. Beziers looks perfect for a day of relaxation and enjoyment!

  18. I absolutely want to do all these things when I get to visit the South of France. Such a lovely post. Very detailed.

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