Street art in Montpellier, interesting discoveries

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A few weeks ago, I was in the South of France exploring some cities with a  connection to the Canal du Midi. I stayed in Montpellier, a town situated between Toulouse and Marseille. Sunny Montpellier is more than a quick getaway. It’s attracting more visitors due to its beautiful blue sky, sunshine, Mediterranean vibes and southern architecture. Surprisingly, there is a wide variety of street art in Montpellier since it’s a major scene for urban art.

The day after my arrival in the city, I decided to explore it properly, having spent most of the previous afternoon watching the final of the World Cup and enjoying the celebrations. After a quick stop by the Tourism Information Centre, I ventured into the old town centre and discovered the city’s most iconic buildings and facades.

Street art in the heart of Montpellier

When wandering along Montpellier’s streets, you must keep your eyes open. Street art is usually hidden in unexpected locations.

Rockstore - street art montpellier

As well as graffiti and stencils decorating Montpellier’s walls, objects have also been used to make a statement. In the above photo, you can see the rear of a car built on the wall of Rockstore; very cool. As I walked further into the city centre, I discovered several “half-bikes” stuck to the city’s medieval walls. These murals made walking into the narrow streets even more exciting. These arts by Montpellier born Monsieur BMX. I find them to be very fitting with the architecture of the city, as if they were part of the décor. I enjoyed seeing this project as it shows the importance of bikes in this “bike” friendly city.

Half-bike by Mr BMX - Street art Montpellier
Half-bike by Mr BMX
Green bike by Mr BMX - Street art Montpellier

During my self-guided street art in Montpellier walking tour, I encountered other street art pieces by well-known artists. Urban art there was in Montpellier, something that I wasn’t expecting, but I liked it a lot.

I have to say that I am impressed by stencil work. I love the detailed work of these two portraits below. They are by French visual artist Guaté Mao, whose work can be found all around the world.

Lady with the hat by Guaté Mao - Street art Montpellier
Lady with the hat by Guaté Mao
Stencil by Guaté Mao - Street art Montpellier

Further on in the streets of Ecusson, I came across some painted bollards, all with a different design. I’m not sure who the artist is, but I love the variety of styles. These painted bollards show off the creativity of the artists and that the city of Montpellier embraces street art so much that they are incorporating them with their urban equipment.

Decorated bollards - Street art Montpellier
Red shoes decorated bollards - Street art Montpellier

After wandering through the charming old town centre, I headed over to the place that all the urban artists call home.

Discovering the quay of Verdanson

When you venture into the old town centre, you then find all the iconic buildings and attractions. However, going a little off the beaten tracks will take you to the quays of Verdansonn. Street art is spread all around the city, but this place is where you will find all the colourful graffiti.

Since I was told that Quay of Verdanson was located behind “Corum”, I set off from there. After walking for a while, I couldn’t find the entrance. I wondered how people were able to access the site but thought since it was managed by the Tourist Centre, you could only access it via them. Only the following day did we realise that the graffiti canal entrance was by “Carrefour Rimbaud” near the tram stop “Les Aubes”. Quay of Verdanson is a small stream that crosses the city. Its unused part is the favourite spot of graffiti artists. I don’t know the full details, but I believe the city gave the artists free rein to express their creativity there.

It’s a shame that I was unable to properly visit the site, as I am sure there are amazing frescoes to be seen. I was nonetheless glad to see a little bit by looking over.

Street art surrounded by pretty leather flowers - Street art Montpellier
Quay of Verdanson - Street art Montpellier
Quay of Verdanson

Join a tour or go solo

If you love urban art, you will surely want to go around the city to find street art in Montpellier. You might even see them by chance. If you’re going to discover the extent of the arts, you might want to join a walking tour organised by Montpellier Mediterranean Tourist Office. They arrange two walking tours and one on a bike. It’s the perfect way to learn more from the experts and discover all that is to know and hidden in the streets of Montpellier. More details can be found here:  Montpellier Tourist Centre.

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