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Travelling to Nantes at the end of December, early January, I thought that Nantes would be quiet, rainy and cold. I assumed there wouldn’t be much things to do in Nantes. Well, I was partially wrong. Although it was cold and it rained most days, there was an abundance of things to do and see in Nantes. The capital of the Pays de la Loire is an exciting city.

Located on the estuary of the Loire River, the city called the “Venice of the West” is like the new kid on the block. In light of its past, as a former slave trade city, Nantes is now reinventing itself as a cultural and artistic hub. As a vibrant and young metropolis, Nantes offers great scenery and numerous cultural and gastronomic activities. I did a lot during my three-day trip, so here are my top 13 things to do in Nantes, the City of Art.

Best things to do in Nantes – France

Discover the city with a Greeter   

Boats on the river Erdre - things to do in Nantes

As mentioned above, there are lots of activities to do in Nantes. If you want to know the city’s story, I recommend using a “greeter”. What is a greeter, you ask? Greeters are people who live in Nantes or neighbourhood and are passionate about their city and region. The volunteers share their passion with visitors on free guided tours tailored to each visitor’s interests. It can be a one-to-one visit utterly different from the guided tours we see around with a horde of tourists following a guide holding an umbrella. 

I spent my afternoon with Jacques and explored the city in a structured way. I was impressed by how knowledgeable and patient he was. Thanks to him, I could discover places that I would not have visited otherwise or wouldn’t have known about their history.  If you would like to book a greeter next time you are in Nantes or other cities, for that matter, all you need to do is to go to their

Walk along the city or ride a bike    

Ile St-Louis - things to do in Nantes

The fantastic thing about Nantes is that not only the city is full of pedestrian streets, but as soon as you set foot on the pavement, cars magically stop to give way. I have to say that it’s a beautiful feeling. As a pedestrian, you feel like you own the roads. But you still have to be careful and watch out for the trams! Nantes is a pedestrian-friendly city, so you can about walk anywhere. Last summer, a project called “Follow the Green Line” was launched to help visitors explore the city and see all there is to see in the city.

Nantes is also a bicycle-friendly city and the many bike paths and bike stations are a statement of that. You can hire with Bicloo or Detours de Loire and see the most attractive sights in Nantes and Loire Valley.

Le Nid / Tour Bretagne      

Le Nid Roof top in Nantes France

Tour Bretagne is Nantes’ only skyscraper, and although it isn’t pretty at first glance, it offers a superb viewing spot. For just €1 or free with the Nantes Pass, you can access the Nid (nest in French), a bar with a panoramic view over the city. Once you reach the 32nd floor, you are faced with a fantastic sight of Nantes. The bar has an interesting decor; the body of a stork-heron hybrid serves as the bar, while the neck and eggs serve as tables and seating. 

Aerial view of the river - things to do in Nantes
Aerial view of the city centre from Le Nid - Nantes France

 Jardin Japonais, Ile de Versailles     

Jardin Japonais de Nantes - things to do in Nantes

This charming artificial little island is situated along the riverbank of Erdre. The inspired Japanese zen garden is too peaceful and beautiful to miss. Wandering through the garden and exploring the waterfalls, rock ponds and exotic plants, I thought I was in Japan. The garden was unique on a beautiful day, so I can only imagine how beautiful it will be in spring with all the flowers in full bloom. 

Following on from the zen garden, you can take a stroll along the quaysides of the river or even take a boat ride. 

Cathédrale de Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul  

Nantes Cathedral - things to do in Nantes

Nantes has several religious buildings, but the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, located at the place from which it takes its name, is the grandest. The striking Gothic cathedral dated back to the 15th century and took over 400 years to build. As well as the magnificent design, history lovers will be pleased to know that they can also view the tomb of Francis II (French: François II), the Duke of Brittany and his wife, Marguerite de Foix. The well-defined sculpture is made of marble. You can climb up the nearby stairs to have a better view.  

7 Impasse Saint-Laurent, 44000 Nantes

Château des Ducs de Bretagne / Castle of the dukes of Brittany

Castle of Dukes of Bretagne - things to do in Nantes

The castle built in the 13th century was the residence of the Dukes of Brittany before the French royals came in around 1500. The castle looks superb outside, especially at night with the lights illuminating it. However, I didn’t get the WOW factor when entering the courtyard. The court looked like a mismatch of buildings of different styles, each amazingly designed through. 

Now the castle houses the Nantes History Museum showcasing the city’s evolution from the era of the slave trade to now. It’s free to enter the castle courtyard and walk around the ramparts. However, accessing the museum isn’t. Having said that, you can access the museum for free with Nantes Pass; otherwise, it’s €8. 

4 Place Marc Elder, 44000 Nantes

Passage Pommeraye 

Passage Pommeraye - Nantes France

It’s not everywhere that you can find a shopping arcade which has neoclassical decor, luxury shops and a photo-worthy spot. The 19th century  Passage Pommeraye is just that. Built around 1843, it has an impressive staircase and archways. The grand decor made the passage the favourite place where the local shop.  

20 Passage Pommeraye, 44000 Nantes

Place du Bouffay 

Timber framed house in Nantes - things to do in Nantes

The square in the oldest part of the city is perhaps the most touristic and lively in Nantes, with many restaurants with terraces and crêperies good for a drink or lunch. Wandering in the pedestrian streets like Rue de la Juiverie or Rue des Carmelites, you see some of the few remaining timber-framed houses and stone buildings. The medieval architecture is evidence of Nantes’ history with Brittany. If you walk further on Rue des Échevins, you will come across a Gothic fireplace coming right out of the wall. I thought it was incredible that they left it.

Stone building with Gothic fireplace in Nantes - Nantes France

Ile Feydeau  

Leaning buildings of Ile Feydeau - things to do in Nantes

When exploring Ile Feydeau with Jacques, I had to wear my glasses as I thought my eyesight was getting worse. The townhouses, which used to be homes to the wealthy merchants, look like they are leaning. These significant buildings were built on sandy soils hence why they are now leaning. My guide quickly explained that Nantes used to be separated by rivers, making it difficult for locals to reach the rest of the city without a boat. Since the town was surrounded by water, it got the nickname “Venice of the West” until the canals were blocked and replaced by streets. I wondered if they were still safe to be habitable, and Jacques assured me they were. When visiting, be sure to spot the mascarons, door and window ornaments inspired by spirits of the sea.   

Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery    

Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery - things to do in Nantes

Much like several port cities in Europe, Nantes was financed by the slave trade. Being the first city in France to ship enslaved people, the creation of the memorial commemorating the abolition of slavery as well as the history of Nantes was not well received by all. Most families wanted to forget this period of history; however, some families were happy to share their history books.  

The stern and dark memorial is located in an underground corridor. The idea was for people walking inside to experience the feeling of entering the slave ships. The wall is filled with a timeline so people can read about the expeditions and the names of the ships that departed from the port. Outside, little rectangular lights illuminate the pavement. When you look closer, they represent the ships involved in the slave trade and the main African and American trading posts. 

Quai de la Fosse, Nantes

Le Lieu Unique

Le Lieu Unique, Nantes - Nantes France

Le Lieu Unique is a cultural complex which opened in the former factory of LU (Lefèvre-Unique) in 2000. Much like the name, this place is unique. It is now a cultural hub for exhibitions, concerts, theatre and dance performances. You can treat yourself to a nice lunch or snack in the bistro, browse through the books in the bookstore or even relax at the Turkish bath! My visit coincided with the Japanese exposition Komorebi, and since I love anything Japanese, I was pretty happy. 

2 Quai Ferdinand Favre, Nantes    

Les Machines de l’Île de Nantes 

Horse dragon sculpture at Machines de l'Ile, Nantes - things to do in Nantes

About ten years ago, two artists (François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice) had the brilliant idea to make an old shipyard into what is now the location of the fun activities. Les Machines de l’Ile (machines of the isle) in one of the remaining islands – Ile de Nantes – is like the incubator of the creative metropolis that is Nantes. The Grand Éléphant (great elephant) is to Nantes what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. The part wooden part steel creatures are innovative and futuristic and inspired by Jules Verne, a native of Nantes. 

Since the main attraction, the Grand Éléphant, was sadly undergoing a facelift, the warehouse Galerie des Machines (machine gallery), which hosts several creatures and tells the background behind the creatures, became the main attraction. People (children and not-so-young people) were queuing to take a tour of some of the sculptures. A few minutes from the warehouse is the Carousel du Monde Marins (€8.50), a gigantic carousel with marine creatures. The carousel is on three levels: the ocean floor, depths and boats.

Parc des Chantiers, Boulevard Léon-Bureau, Nantes 

If you want to explore the island further, you can head to the Hangar a Bananes, a former warehouse that stocks bananas and pineapples from Africa. Now it has been changed to restaurants, bars and an exhibitions hall.

Where to eat and drink in Nantes

France is known for its good cuisine, so when in Nantes, expect nothing but great food. With a link to Brittany and being so close to the Ocean Atlantic, lots of the food is fish or seafood-based.
The restaurant list in Nantes is so extensive that Nantes Tourisme has even published a book dedicated to restaurants, “Guide des Tables de Nantes”!
Some of the places I visited are listed below:

  • Esperance Cafe (25 Quai François Mitterrand, 44200 Nantes) is a specialist coffee shop in Iles de Nantes. The nice and freshly roasted coffee smell emanating from the shop will make everyone stop by to grab a latte or espresso.
  • Les Pieds dans le plat (13 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau) This restaurant was recommended by the hotel and I am glad they did because the food was fantastic. You should definitely add this to your food itinerary.
  • Au bureau de Nantes (10 Quai Francois Mitterrand) is a lovely brasserie great food and friendly waiters. The décor is very English like nut contrast well with the surroundings.
  • Brasserie La Cigale (4 Place Graslin) The restaurant with an Art Nouveau style décor is worth a look even if you don’t eat there. I was planning to have dinner there but since it was fully booked, I ended up having a pancake!
  • Crêperie Heb Ken (5 Rue de Guérande) offers delicious crêpes and galettes in a welcoming environment.
Planning to travel to France? Nantes is an incredible city with lots of arty things to do and delicious food, making it. perfect destination to include in your France itinerary. Things to do in Nantes | Travel guide #Nantes #France

Practical info:

Getting there: I travelled to Nantes by plane from London Gatwick via Easyjet. You can also travel by train (less than 3 hours from Paris) You can find more information about the different mode of transport here (SNCF – https://en.oui.sncf/en/) or Nantes airport – https://www.nantes.aeroport.fr/fr

Accommodation: I stayed at Ibis Nantes Tour de Bretagne (19 Rue Jean Jaurès, 44000 Nantes). Ibis Styles Place Graslin (5 Rue du Chapeau Rouge, 44000 Nantes). I had a wonderful stay in both hotels: rooms are simple but clean and comfortable. The Ibis Nantes Tour de Bretagne even has a free bicycles rental for its guests. I say handy! Both are nice, quiet and well located.

Moona’s secrets tips:

  • Most of the historic town is car free so be sure to park your car and use public transportation.
  • Nantes is famous for its “Petit LU” (buttery biscuit) and berlingots, so be sure to bring back some to your family and friends.
  • Did you know that the bus we all take daily was created in Nantes in 1826?

Nantes has been wonderful despite the rain, and the locals are equally wonderful people (Big shout out to Jacques). Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comment. I can’t wait to come back again in summer to explore, do and see more amazing things. Until then, Merci Nantes!

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