How to spend one day in Stockholm

A couple of weeks ago I visited Stockholm in Sweden. It is the second time that I have visited the country and will not be the last. My previous post is a detailed guide to all the things you can do for a long weekend. However, today I wanted to show you the things you can […]

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Nordic Bakery – Get A taste of Scandinavia in London

London is a bustling city with many small coffee shops and restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world. As a diverse and multicultural capital, London caters to every taste, whether you are in the mood for French, Italian, or Vietnamese food. If you desire Scandinavian cuisine, you are sure to find a restaurant within the […]

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Weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark

Colourful Nyhavn Copenhagen- A Weekend in Copenhagen

Scandinavia was never on my bucket list, I kind of ended up there by chance. Having some annual leave to take before it expired, I went on the lookout for a cheap flight. At the time, both Denmark and the Netherlands sounded like a good option. However, Copenhagen was less expensive since the return ticket from […]

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Fall in love with Malmö: things to do and see

Urban art in Malmo - - Things to do in Malmö day trip

Malmö is not always the first city people think about when they hear or plan to visit Scandinavia. Like me, most people decide to go to Malmö towards the end of their Copenhagen trip. Sweden is connected to Denmark by the Øresund Bridge, running between Malmö and Copenhagen. I didn’t know what to expect since I […]

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