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Discover cool things to do, buzzing clubs and pubs, seriously good restaurants and more with our insider guide to Holloway Rd London.

Holloway Road, London is an amazing multicultural city with lots of things to do, see and explore. Usually, people are only aware of the known places and often overlook other areas. To help inspire you to explore new areas of London you may not have discovered or known, I thought of introducing my neighbourhood Holloway, where I have lived for four years now. So here are my favourite local shops in Holloway Road including places for food, drinks, entertainment, coffee, cheese, and community.

Holloway Road is not Upper Street yet but it’s not shy of places to go for a quick errand or bite. You don’t need to go far to shop as you have everything close to you: Nag’s Head market, Selby’s department store, Waitrose and other convenient shops. What I like the most about Holloway Road is how well the new hipster shops cohabit well with the takeaway shops, corner shops and pubs that overflow with football fans on game nights.

Local Shops in Holloway Road London

Outpost - Holloway Road LondonBooks and toys display at Outpost - Holloway Road LondonOutpost shop displays - Holloway Road London


Holloway is a neighbourhood where the sense of community is important. Outpost Shop & Gallery run by friendly, dedicated staff and volunteers is a community-based organization that brings communities together. It’s not just a pretty shop but an art venue as well as a community hub helping support people living in North London (Islington and Hackney). The nicely decorated shop sells items like books, jewellery, homewares, gifts, books, and toys. All the items have either been made on site during the activities and workshops provided by Outpost or sourced from other social organizations. Buying there not only helps the community by supporting local people but it also makes you feel great in the process.

Address: 546 Holloway Road, London N7 6JP

Shop items at Treasure Land - Holloway RoadTreasure Land - Holloway Road London

Treasure Land

Treasure Land is like a small version of Aladdin’s cave full of oriental rugs, carpets, handcrafted furniture. All items are from places like Afghanistan, Egypt, India or Iran. I love passing by this shops as the incense sticks feel your nose and invite you to enter. The shop was opened in 1999 and Karim who runs it is always smiling.

Address: 524 Holloway Road, London N7 6JD

Car boot sale - local in Holloway Road London

Holloway Car Boot Sale

Everyone loves a good bargain and if you can haggle then going to a car boot sale should be easy.  The Holloway Car Boot Sale is free to enter and even offers 20% discount to students. You need to have a sharp eye to find the perfect items. It’s great for cheap clothes, vintage housewares, and toys.

Address: Holloway Road, opposite Odeon Cinema

Local restaurants in Holloway Road London

The Swimmer Pub- Holloway Road London

The Swimmer

The Swimmer at the Grafton Arms has to be my favourite pub in Holloway. Tucked in a quiet street off the busy Holloway Road, the Swimmer is a hidden gem, unpretentious pub with a friendly atmosphere. The food is tasty and the portions are the biggest I have ever seen. Their fish and chips dish is definitely my favourite!

Address: 13 Eburne Road, London N7 6AR

Sign outside the Spoke Pub- Holloway Road London

The Spoke

The Spoke is a restaurant/pub that offers three things only: coffee, burger, and cycling. The place used to be a pub but now it’s more like a place where people who enjoy cycling hang out over great coffee. It’s worth a visit as it is said to offer one of the best burgers in North London.

Address: 710 Holloway Road, London N19 3NH

The Landseer

The Landseer is perhaps the top pub in Upper Holloway. This spacious pub with good outside space is always packed with locals and families. Having a playground opposite the pub does help! The pub went through a revamp recently and looks sophisticated with the dark décor. Having said that the refurbishment seems to have divided the regulars, some believing that the pub as lost its sold and some loving the new atmosphere. The gourmet food and platters make this pub a little too expensive for a local pub but the atmosphere makes it worth it.

Address: 37 Landseer Road, LondonN19 4JU

Local Entertainment in Holloway Road London

Odeon Holloway Road London

The Odeon Cinema

In terms of entertainment, Holloway has still some work to do but there are enough things to do for a nice night out. Odeon Cinema Holloway is a great night out option. The building is also an amazing Grade II listed art-deco building built in 1937. The service and prices are great however the cinema is in need of some makeover.

Address: 419-427 Holloway Road, London N7 6LJ

Nambucca - Holloway Road, London


A few minutes from the cinema is Nambucca, a very popular alternative live music venue. Every so often you see people queuing to see up-and-coming bands. The venue has been refurbished after a fire damaged back in 2014. Prior to and after the fire, bands like the Libertines and The Wombats played at the venue. Buzzfeed once called it an “iconic venue every music fan should visit”.

Address: 596 Holloway Road, London N7 6LB

For more about Holloway Road, please read my post about the cheese shop Provisions.

So here you have it: my favourite local shops in Holloway Road. So whenever you are in North London, why not pop over and have a drink?

Thanks for reading!

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    1. How did I miss the tastiest chicken restaurant in London? Now, I want to check this place out! Thanks for your suggestion.

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