Prettiest and Charming Towns in Brittany You’ll Love to Visit

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I have recently visited two of Brittany’s four “departments”, the Cotes d’Armor (22) in the north and Ille et Vilaine (35) in the east, bordering on Normandy. So I wanted to share with you some of the most beautiful towns in Brittany that I have visited or want to visit. Therefore, here are my top prettiest and most charming medieval towns in Brittany; they all represent one of the heritage characteristics of Brittany (urban, maritime, castles, rural and religious)

prettiest and charming towns in Brittany


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37 thoughts on “Prettiest and Charming Towns in Brittany You’ll Love to Visit

  1. Awesome! My family is originally from Brittany. I love this region. I was always going on holidays near St Malo (Cancale, famous for the oysters) and near Vannes (Arradon, on the coast, with many islands nearby). I loved reading your article about some of our lovely villages – and I also particularly loved the photos 🙂

    1. Merci Eloïse! I fell in love with Brittany. I’m off to Vannes and St Gildas in December. Maybe I will have time to check out Arradon?

    2. One of those places i think is on most people’s places to visit list as every photo you see is just so inviting for that next holiday break and so easy to get to. 4holidays has a great selection of accommodation for all budgets and you can check reviews before booking. Travel insurance also available on-line for all UK and EU residents.

  2. This looks like a fairytale town… Sometimes I think after travelling so much I have seen a lot of places and then blogs like this reminds me there’s still a huge world waiting our there

    1. Thanks for reading. There are so much places to see in France, Brittany is one of them. The thing I like the most about it is the difference between the north and south.

  3. Brittany looks like such a beautiful area, with so many charming houses and alleyways. I loved your photos – they definitely made me want to go check it out!

  4. These are beautiful! I would love to go back to Brittany. I’ve been a couple of times but just for short periods on family vacations in certain places. I’ll definitely be returning and going here! Dinan looks gorgeous.

  5. All of these towns look so pretty! I’m taking a trip to France next year so I’ll have to see if I can visit Brittany while I’m there!

  6. Those towns are very charming, I especially like the one with first book shop, cause I’m a book nerd. I’m definitely adding Brittany to the places that I have to visit in France

    1. Thanks. Bécherel is a lovely town. They have all sorts of books: classics to foreign books. You will like it.

  7. Brittany is such a beautiful region of France! I travelled there with my parents as a teenager twice but would love to visit again! I remember that I loved Vannes!

  8. Beautiful! I spent a few summers living in Brittany (near Lorient) and have managed to visit most of these places – so beautiful! I especially fell in love with Auray when I was there, so pretty.

  9. Goodness what a ridiculously pretty (and quaint) area. I love the look of all of these villages, especially Vannes – it’s really cool the way the pain the wood on those tudor-esque buildings. I have never seen that before, but I love the look of it. Back in the UK, those wooden beams are always just black.

    As always, your posts give me wanderlust.

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