Must-Visit gardens in Tokyo During Autumn

Tokyo is the biggest metropolis in the world therefore one of the biggest urban jungles out there. To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Tokyoites enjoy spending time in gardens and parks to relax and admire the beauty. Let’s face it, Japanese gardens are some of the most beautiful out there.

Autumn is my favourite season and no other country offers more vibrant and colourful autumn than Japan. You don’t need much to enjoy it: just sit on a bench or under a tree to admire the beautiful coloured leaves. You could also wander around the immaculately clean gardens.

Must see autumn garden in Tokyo: Sankeien Garden

Japan is beautiful all year round, but for me, the country is at its best between mid-October and early-December. Visiting Japan during the “koyo/momiji” period is absolutely gorgeous. Trees are covered with colours ranging from brown, orange to red. You can travel outside of town to Kamakura, Kyoto or the national park in Nikko but you don’t have to go as far. Tokyo has many hidden gems where you can enjoy the fall colours.

Here are some of the best secret gardens and popular parks in and around Tokyo guaranteed to vow you.

Must beautiful gardens in Tokyo to visit this Autumn

Rikugien Gardens – 六義園

Rikugien Garden is not only a popular cherry blossom viewing spot, but also a perfect Momiji viewing (koyo) location. Visit this gorgeous garden during the day and you will feel like in the Edo period with the beautiful bridges and colourful maple and ginkgo trees. During the night, this traditional landscaped garden transforms itself into a magical garden creating a dreamy and romantic scenery. One of the most beautiful gardens in Tokyo opens late at night during the special illumination period.

  • When to go: Mid-November through early December
  • Entrance fee: ¥300
  • Location: 6 Chome-16-3 Honkomagome, Bunkyo City, Tokyo
  • Getting there: less than 5 mins walk from Komagome station (JR Yamanote and Tokyo Metro Namboku line) or Sengoku station on the Mita line. 
Must see autumn garden in Tokyo: Sankeien Garden

Sankeien Garden – 三溪園

Although not technically in Tokyo, this garden makes the cut because of its closeness to the city. Located in Yokohama, Sankeien Garden has a Kyoto vibe to it. The vast and beautifully landscaped site offers an immaculate garden, beautiful flowers, maple trees, several historic buildings, ponds, bridges, small streams and nice walking trails. There is also a Chrysanthemum exhibition in the outer garden during the autumn period.

  • When to go: Mid-November through Mid-December
  • Entrance fee: ¥700
  • Location: 58-1 Honmokusannotani, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa
  • How to get there: From Yokohama station, take the East Exit Bus Station and walk to Bus Platform 2. From there take either bus number 8 or 148 and get off at “Honmoku Sankeien Mae” or “Sankeien Iriguchi”. The garden is less than 10 minutes walk from the bus stop. The bus journey takes about 35-40 minutes.
Autumn leaves surrounding skyscrapers in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden – 新宿御苑

Popular with tourists, Shinjuku Gyoen is an immense garden surrounded by skyscrapers. Take a stroll through the park in autumn, have a rest on a bench, bring a picnic to enjoy and admire the beautiful scene in front of you is all you need to do. Shinjuku Gyoen offers visitors three distinctive beautiful gardens: French, English and Japanese including a quaint tea house serving green matcha tea and wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery). While both the French and British gardens offer stunning autumn leaves, it is the Japanese garden with its Momijiyama (maple mountain) which will charm you with its deep red maple leaves. 

  • When to go: Mid-November to mid-December
  • Entrance fee: ¥200
  • Location: 11 Naitomachi, Shinjuku City, Tokyo
  • How to get there: Shinjuku-Gyoemmae or Shinjuku stations(Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line) are less than 10 minutes walk to Shinjuku Gate or Okido Gate. Sendagaya Gate is a five-minute walk from JR Sendagaya Station on the Chuo/Sobu Line.

Imperial East Gardens (secret garden) – 皇居東御苑

Visiting Tokyo Imperial Palace while in the city is a must, especially in autumn. You can also see the autumn colours at the Imperial East Gardens. The garden is where the Edo castle once stood. The Ninomaru Garden boasts lots of ginkgos trees as well as other types including maples presenting yet again amazing colours.

  • When to go: Late-November to mid-December
  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Location: Tokyo, Chiyoda-Ku, Chiyoda 1-1
  • Getting there:  Tokyo strain via the Yamanote Line 

Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens – 小石川後楽園

Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens is one of the oldest gardens in Tokyo. The well-preserved garden was built during the Edo period. The landscape is typically Japanese with a bit of Chinese influence. Strolling in the garden is very peaceful with the ponds, bridges, paths and viewings points. The garden is a little hilly and offers great viewing points where you can admire the Togetsukyo bridge and Kantoku pavilion surrounded by ginkgo, maple and other trees. It offers a perfect spot for a romantic walk even in the urban jungle that is Tokyo.

  • When to go: Late-November to mid-December
  • Entrance fee: ¥300
  • Location: 1-6-6 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
  • Getting there: Short walk to Iidabashi Station ( JR Chuo Main Line, Tozai, Yurakucho, Namboku and Toei Oedo lines). Also accessible via Koshikawa Station (Marunouchi and Namboku lines) or Suidobashi Station (Sobu and Mita lines) 
Teahouse surrounded by autumn leaves at Nezu Museum Garden

Nezu Museum Garden – 根津美術館

The Nezu Museum and its beautiful garden used to be a private residence. Once you push the glass doors of the museum which holds a private collection of Japanese and Asian art, you are led through stone pathways. The garden is an enchanting place with two ponds connected to small streams. It’s a joy to wander through the winding paths, admiring the gorgeous colours of the trees ranging from yellow to deep red. Along the pathways, you can see lanterns, memorial stones as well as preserved tea-houses and a modern cafe/teahouse. If not for the sound of people greeting each other as they meet, the only sound you hear will be the birds singing. It’s hard to believe that such a garden is located in busy Tokyo!

  • When to go: Late-November to mid-December
  • Entrance fee: ¥1000
  • Location: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 6-chome 5-1
  • Getting there:  Nishi-Tachikawa Station (JR Ome Line)2 minutes on foot
Hotel New Otani Garden in Tokyo, Japan with red leaves surrounding a lake
Image by Hotel New Otani

Hotel New Otani Garden – ホテルニューオータニ庭園

Hotel New Otani is a historic hotel with one of the most beautiful gardens in Tokyo. The impressive garden has even a waterfall, a pond and the iconic red bridge you see in most Japanese gardens. You can visit the garden for free even if you are not a guest. 

One of the most historical Japanese hotels, Hotel New Otani has a beautiful Japanese garden at their hotel site in Tokyo. The 40,000 m2 garden consists of a 6m waterfall, pond with over 300 carps and red arch bridge, and it’s permitted to enter and walk around for FREE even if you are not a hotel guest.

  • When to go: Late-November to mid-December
  • Entrance fee: Free  
  • Location: 4-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 
  • Getting there:  Nishi-Tachikawa Station (JR Ome Line)2 minutes on foot

Must-visit parks to see autumn leaves

Showa Memorial Park – 昭和記念公園

The Showa Kinen Park is one of the famous autumn view wing spots in Tokyo. What makes the park popular is the ginkgos trees lining the canal. In autumn, the colourful leaves reflect nicely on the canal and fallen leaves create a patchwork of vibrant colours on the ground. As well as the go ki alley, there is a beautiful Japanese garden full of maple trees.

  • When to go: Late-November to mid-December
  • Entrance fee: ¥410
  • Location: Midoricho 3173, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo
  • Getting there:  Nishi-Tachikawa Station (JR Ome Line)2 minutes on foot 10 minutes walk from Tachikawa station/Exit: Akebonoguchi (JR Chuo Line)
Autumn leaves, teahouse in Ueno Park - Tokyo
Image by Yoshikazu Takada

Ueno Park – 上野公園

A popular cherry blossom spot, Ueno Park is also great for autumn. There are thousands of trees including ginkgo, maple and other types. The area around the Kiyomizu Kannon Temple is particularly pretty. Take a boat trip on the lake to see the leaves. 

  • When to go: Late-November to mid-December
  • Entrance fee: ¥410  
  • Location: 13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo
  • Getting there:  Nishi-Tachikawa Station (JR Ome Line)2 minutes on foot

Icho Namiki (Ginkgo Avenue) – 明治神宮外苑

Located within the Meiji Jingu Gaien Park, Icho Namiki is a must-see autumn viewing spot in Tokyo. Ginkgo Avenue is not really a garden nor a park but a street lined with ginkgo trees. Here you won’t see the deep reds you normally see in other gardens but bright yellows and golden colours. The changing of the colours usually coincide with the Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival (Jingugaien Icho Festival). Families, couples, friends all enjoy themselves visiting the different vendors serving festival food.

  • When to go: Mid-November through early December
  • Entrance fee: ¥700
  • Location: 2-chome Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • How to get there: A few minutes walk from Aoyamaitchōme Station (Ginza, Hanzomon and Oedo lines) and Gaienmae Station (Ginza Line). Shinanomachi Station (Chuo-Sobu line) is also close by.

Yoyogi Park – 代々木公園

Yoyogi Park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo. It was once the athletes’ village during the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. Now, it’s a popular park where visitors love to spend the day. Ideally located close to Shibuya and Harajuku, you can make a quick stop there after a shopping trip.

Autumn viewing in this park means you can experience both bright yellow ginkgo leaves and deep red maple trees. Grab your picnic and head to the southern part of the park, claim a spot under a tree and enjoy the momijigari (autumn leaves viewing). The park has enough recreation space, bars, restaurants and shops to make it a day trip option.

  • When to go: Late November through early December
  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Location: 2-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya City, Tokyo
  • Getting there: Yoyogi Park is located next to Meiji Shrine is only a 5-minute walk from Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote Line). Access can be made via Yoyogi Station (JR Yamanote, Chuo and Sobu lines as well as Oedo Line.)  

Which of these must-see autumn gardens in Tokyo is your favourite to visit when the leaves start to turn? In general, do you have a favourite garden to visit in autumn? Tell us about it below.

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