Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

Nihonbashi (日本橋) which means “Japan Bridge” is in the business district in Chūō, Tokyo and crosses Nihonbashi River.  The first Nihonbashi Bridge made of wood was completed in 1603 and the current twin arch bridge was constructed of stone on a steel frame in 1911. The bridge has been the kilometre zero marker for Japan’s national highway network […]

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Journeys in Japan: a Tokyo itinerary

Day 1 – Tokyo itinerary Tokyo, the most populated city in the world is magical and special not only because it blends perfectly with modernity and tradition but also the language and customs as well. It offers a great choice of shopping, fashion, entertainment, culture and food. Captivated by this country for years, I set […]

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Things to do in Uji: Cormorant fishing

Uji River at night

One of the activities I enjoyed the most when I visited Japan was Ukai (鵜飼 – cormorant fishing) a traditional fishing method which uses cormorant to catch fish. This technique has been used over a thousand years. Now it’s a very popular summer activity for tourists and takes place in various areas across Japan.

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