Exploring the Five Grand Palaces of Seoul

Five Grand Palaces of Seoul - Hyangwonjeong Pavilion and Chwihyanggyo Bridge

The city of Seoul is a culturally rich city filled with historic buildings and monuments. Even though the city has rapidly modernised itself, it managed to keep its heritage. Walking in the city, you see skyscrapers side by side with historic buildings; among them are the Five Grand Palaces of Seoul. All of them are […]

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Ikseon-dong: Strolling Seoul’s offbeat neighbourhood

Ikseon-dong (in Korean, 익선동) is a trendy area for young Seoulite as well as international tourists. We were lucky to stumble into this arty portion of traditional Insadong. If you are looking for Instagram-able cafes and tea-houses, Ikseondong is for you. You might have to battle with tourists in some areas to take photos of […]

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A Guide to Hiking Jeju Olle Trails – Route #6

Jeju Island is South Korea’s largest island. Referred to as the Hawaii of Korea, the island boasts some of the most scenic sights: Mt Hallasan and the trio of waterfalls, to name a few. The island was formed following the eruption of the dormant volcano Hallasan about 2,000 years ago. Jejudo is a popular destination […]

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