Ikseon-dong: Strolling Seoul’s offbeat neighbourhood

Ikseon-dong (in Korean, 익선동) is a trendy area for young Seoulite as well as international tourists. We were lucky to stumble into this arty portion of traditional Insadong. If you are looking for Instagram-able cafes and tea-houses, Ikseondong is for you. You might have to battle with tourists in some areas to take photos of […]

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Exploring Uchiko Japan – A Charming Village in the Japanese Countryside

Walking through the Japanese village of Uchiko, you feel like you are slipping back in time to the Meiji period. The preserved streets of Yokaichi Old Town is is a must see.

Are you interested in experiencing a different side of Japan that is often overlooked by tourists? Would you like to venture off the typical tourist path and discover places that locals love to visit? If you answer yes, then we have just the thing for you – a guide to Uchiko Japan, a delightful Japanese […]

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