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We continue our series of posts on Belgium and after going through some of the reasons to visit Ghent, this post is about the artistic side of Ghent with a spotlight on Street Art.  Beyond the picture-perfect Flemish city, Ghent is a playground for urban artists. I did not realise this until my trip there, but the city is suited for a wide range of tourists. Whether you are a historical buildings fanatic, a foodie who enjoys spending afternoon at the terrace of a cafe or inside of a restaurant, a museum junkie or street art hunter, you will all love Ghent.

Werregarenstraat- Ghent graffiti alley 

Werregarenstraat - Ghent street artWerregarenstraat street alley - Ghent street art

Located in the centre of Ghent, “Werregarenstraat” or Graffitistraat is the graffiti hotspot par excellence. This little alley entirely covered in graffiti reminded me of Rue Denoyez in Paris. Contrary to the murals, graffiti on this street are ever changing so you will rarely see the same thing twice!

Graffiti alley - Ghent street art

Entrance to Werregarenstraat - Ghent street art
Werregarenstraat, street art alley

Street Art Tour

If you are following me, you will notice that this isn’t my first street art article. Unlike the other self-guided tours, the Ghent version offers a map and detailed information on each of the artists prior to the tour. You do not have to join a group to do this tour, however, you can benefit from having an expert guide. 

Street art by Bue the Warrior in Ghent - Ghent street art - SecretMoona
Street art by Bué the Warrior in Ghent
BUE & Phase - Sluizenkaai
BUE & Phase – Sluizenkaai – Ghent street art
ROA Tempelhof - Ghent street art - SecretMoona
ROA – Tempelhof

I had previously seen the above piece by ROA in an article and wanted to see it in real life. Arts from this artist from Ghent are easily recognisable: black and white drawings representing animals.

BUE - Achterleie - Ghent street art - SecretMoona
BUE – Achterleie
BUE - Achterleie - Ghent street art - SecretMoona
BUE – Achterleie

I really liked the work by Bué The Warrior, they were so colourful, cartoony and cute.

Violant Pierre De Geyterstraat - Ghent street art - SecretMoona
Violant Pierre – De Geyterstraat
SMATES Jan van Stopenberghestraat- Ghent street art - SecretMoona
SMATES – Jan van Stopenberghestraat

Whether it is a tag, a portrait, a quote etc…the street art is a philosophy that is gradually being understood by the general public. It certainly helps that VisitGent, the city’s tourism board, is promoting this mainstream art. In any case, whether you are a fan of street art or not, Ghent is a must-see.

Fascinating contemporary art

While I was wandering in Patershol, I came across an interesting installation. The pop-up exposition by modern contemporary visual artist Nathalie Delombaerde was very intriguing. The artist was not on site but a gentleman was there to talk people through the installation. Sadly, I did not stay to speak to the host as he seemed busy answering questions from a group of people. I would have loved to know how the artist came to create such pieces and the meaning behind them.

Modern contemporary visual art by Nathalie Delombaerde - Ghent street artVisual art by Nathalie Delombaerde - Ghent street art

The exposition was in an old church building which added to the mood. The work represents human with animal features.

Nathalie’s ‘We Are HUMAN’ collection reminded me of the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth”.

Modern contemporary art by Nathalie Delombaerde - Ghent street art
We are Human by Nathalie Delombaerde

We are human - Modern contemporary visual art by Nathalie Delombaerde - Ghent street art


Pictures of bikes because the cycling culture in Ghent is real!

Did you know that Brussels also has a lot of amazing street art? Check out their walls of the comic strip walk, if you are interested in street art.

Thanks for reading!

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